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Season 27


November 16, 1989, Carnegie Hall
Wong features Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring in his first concert of the season.

New York Times:  "Despite [the work’s] enormous difficulties, the orchestra did more than negotiate it, they played it very well indeed."  (11/29/89)

Daily News:  "Preparation was superb . . .  Solo instrumental turns were impeccable in this horribly difficult music, as they were all afternoon."  (Bert Wechsler  11/28/89)

The orchestra holds a career symposium at Hunter College on 1-14-90 on the subject of “Musician Illness and Injury,” featuring Dr. Richard N. Norris, director of Performing Arts Medicine at Braintree Hospital in Massachusetts.  Following his session, Dr. Norris participates in a panel including Dr. William Frosch, director of the Paine Whitney Psychiatric Institute of New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center; Joan E. Edelstein, panel moderator and Senior Research Scientist of the Post-Graduate Medical School of New York University; and Judith Youett, an Alexander Technique Therapist.

February 25, 1990, Carngie Hall
22-year-old violinist Pamela Frank, an orchestra member for five seasons, returns as the featured soloist with the orchestra in March. She plays the Bruch Violin Concerto

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November 26, 1989

February 25, 1990


Mark Peskanov

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